The Squad

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner? Hey, we won’t judge! This is our “basic” package, 4 cookies to enjoy by yourself or to share with someone else
(I know you won’t… I wouldn’t)

The Furious 6

6 cookies, in case The Squad was not enough, or you have someone trying to take your cookies (I know, terrible right?). Well now you have 2 extra. That might mean two more snacks, two more breakfasts or maybe a perfect movie snack! We give you the cookies, the rest is up to you.

The Gr8

Isn’t it great when you have something you love with you? Now imagine having 8 of those!
Now you have the chance to try every flavour we have. but hey! if The Chosen One calls you as she does to us. Well… maybe 8 of them can help (at least for a bit)

The Cookie Monster

Transformation completed. Congratulations!
You are a (cookie) monster.
You’ve worked hard to get here and all those normal little cookies you had in the past have prepared you for this. This is not for the weak, 10 of our cookies probably weigh more than your pet. But if there’s someone who can do it. it’s you!

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