Holiday turtle front


The Holiday Turtle

There was once a Holiday Armadillo, well, this one’s our version!. Our signature dough with a turtle on top and Ponche Crema filling (It’s like Eggnog but WAAAY BETTER)

The gingy


The Gingy

This is a holiday night must! Gingerbread flavours and hot cocoa in the centre with a punch of candied dehydrated ginger to top it all.

The Limping Elf front


The Limping Elf

He’s got a cane… A candy cane! Geddit!? filled with flavourful cream cheese and spiced up with delicious candy cane chunks and white chocolate.

The Stuffed Stocking front


The Stuffed Stocking

She has it all! bites of different flavours of candy bars, candy coated minty chocolate, holiday popcorn and even a dash of candy cane. This chocolate chip cookie is ready to brighten up the holidays!

PBnoJ Front



Peanut Butter everywhere: candy-coated pieces, full PB core topped with a PB and chocolate cup.. did I say PB?

A7 front


The A⁷

An ode to all the chocolate cookie monsters we know. Mini candy-coated chocolate pieces in a marble dough with hazelnut spread core. Do we need to say more?

Creamy One Front


The Creamy One

This is what cookie dreams are made of. Our signature dough filled with chocolate cookie chunks and a creamy cheese cake core topped up with cookies & cream chocolate, white chocolate chips and oh! did we say more cookies?

Chosen One Front


The Chosen One

The first, the OG, the one who started it all. This beauty was our first approach to this cookie dream and holds a big place in our hearts. It might look simple but it took us a long time and a lot of tries to perfect this beauty. You deserve more than a simple chocolate chip cookie, The Chosen One will show you the way like she did to us.

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